Our Services

Be prepared. Save a life.

The services we offer are geared toward providing you with life saving knowledge whether you are a civilian, law enforcement, or military.

Our Services - Moulage


Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training emergency response teams and other medical and military personnel.

We have been trained by Hollywood Special Effects specialists in this art to create the most realistic simulation. Our services range from the basic to in-depth wound/injury treatment.

Our Services - Total Immersion Simulation

Total Immersion Simulation

Our total immersion simulation utilizes all our senses.

This type of simulation is the most realistic simulation we can offer and consists of visual, auditory, smell, touch and if needed taste. Each custom built simulation will match the training objectives to create the hyper realistic life like experience.

Our Services - Tactical Casualty Care

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

TCCC is quickly becoming the standard of care for the tactical management of combat casualties within the Department of Defense and is the sole standard of care dually endorsed by both the American College of Surgeons and the National Association of EMT's for casualty management in tactical environments.

For more information about Tactical Combat Casualty Care, visit the NAEMT website here.

Our Services - Gun Shot Wound Training

Gun Shot Wound (GSW) and Tourniquet Application

We will teach you the basics of how to assess the severity of a gun shot wound (GSW), how to treat GSW's to all parts of the body and how to reassess what you have done.
These basics can also be applied to any arterial bleed source injury such as a knife wound or deep tissue injury.

This training is for all ages and will leave you confident in your ability to treat yourself first, then how to treat others.

Our Services - First Responder Training

First Responder Training

We live our everyday lives with our families, friends, and co-workers. Something catastrophic happens and suddenly we are 'First Responders'... we MUST be able to treat ourselves and others.

Ask yourself... are you capable of doing this?

This course will teach you how to respond as the first ones on-scene. You will learn about scene safety, quick assessment, rapid treatment of life threatening injuries, and how to recover.

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